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  1. 3 of the Best WordPress theme sites on the net

    by Jason Freeman

    WordPress is still one of the world’s most popular blog-building platforms, offering customers a plethora of features and support when it comes to creating their own sites on the net. However, when it comes to finding the best themes, things can get a bit more tricky. After all – with thousands of WordPress themes out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are three of the best WordPress theme sites for you to check out.

    1. ThemeForest

    One of the largest theme sites for WordPress on the net, ThemeForest has a huge selection with themes for all budgets. You can filter themes based on topic, and even check out the best selling WordPress themes in their marketplace.

    + Remember – the most popular themes are likely to have more customers so expect better customer support options (ideal if you need some help when implementing the theme on your website).

    + There’s an option to browse through the newest themes that are available on the site, making ThemeForest a great place to start if you need a fresh new theme for your blog or website.

    + Themes are rated using a 5 star system, so you’ll quickly be able to spot which themes provide you with the most bang for your buck.

    You can also pick up some great discounts at sites like Retail Me Not, and Coupon Gem. I was able to find some great deals on that site.

    2. Creative Market

    The themes at Creative Market have been hand-crafted by some of the best designers out there, and whilst it’s not necessarily the largest theme site on the net, you’ll likely find exactly what you are looking for here.

    + You can check out which themes provide the best value for money by checking out the comments. This is a great tool when finding out which WordPress developers will provide you with the support you might need after you have made a purchase.

    + You can also find out how frequently a theme developer maintains their themes, and whether they routinely fix bugs and provide general upkeep.

    3. Mojo Themes

    Another one of the ‘big three’ theme sites, Mojo Themes has an effective search feature where you can browse through the best selling and most popular themes on the platform.

    + To find the latest themes, use the ‘Changelog’ option at the top of the page. Here you will find which authors are fixing bugs with their themes on a routine basis – a handy tool if you want a theme that offers stability as well as an aesthetically pleasing design.

    + You can also check out each seller’s website to find out their themes are updated and whether you are likely to receive quick support if you have a query or just need some additional information when incorporating a theme onto your pages.

  2. Understanding the WordPress Sidebar

    by Jason Freeman

    wordpress sidebarSidebars can function as a amazingly precious space on your own site or site, so when they are utilized by you with a sensible layout design and quality plugins, they may be instrumental in assisting you to accomplish your target audience online.

    As its name indicates, a sidebar is just not the chief space for content on a web site or site, but instead a side panel or panels across the left or right hand side of the webpage, typically full of secondary content.

    Some websites even apply multiple sidebars in the exact same side of the webpages.

    What exactly is the goal of a sidebar?

    Sidebars offer practical and significant functionality that may be customized to satisfy the particular aims of your internet presence, when used well. There are a lot of reasons to include a sidebar to your own site or site, but these are the three most popular motives:

    1. Provide additional information for users.
    2. Sidebar content can emphasize portions of the website that require to get more curiosity to meet with your aims, like supporting e-mail subscription sign ups or networking followers that are social, or linking to your buy now option or store space.
    3. Especially in the event of sites, sidebars are precious real estate for ads, unobtrusive, but highly visible, and many bloggers use these to earn additional income.

    Adding Sidebars

    In case you’d like to include a sidebar to your own present WordPress blog or site, take a look at the abilities of your present wp theme since many offer sidebar alternatives.

    Instead, there are plenty of amazing free as well as superior topics available sidebar alternatives are offered by that, so if you are not unhappy to customize the look of your internet site, changing themes might be a great choice.

    Commanding Sidebar Content

    After you’ve got your sidebar on your own web site, commanding the content that is seen in that section is vital. Though sidebars are designed not to take the focus further away from your principal content, they can be still notable, so it is crucial that you ensure they are aesthetically pleasing, and practical.

    Sidebar plugins really are an excellent method to guarantee your sidebar content looks amazing and functions the way it is supposed to, plus some plugins provide the extra flexibility of showcasing sidebar content that is distinct across posts and different pages.

  3. A Review of WordPress Latest Features

    by Jason Freeman

    WordPress remains the most popular content management system supporting more than 60 million of the world’s leading websites. Its traction power lies in its versatility in content management, its user friendly features, and over all ease of customizing it.

    With more organization shifting their sites to WordPress, the future looks bright. Even so, WordPress developers aren’t basking in past glory. Through strategic planning, developers have released a new version, WordPress 4.0 to cater for the needs of the ever growing WordPress users. Below are the latest WordPress features incorporated in this recent release.

    For starters, there are two versions of WordPress 4.0 to choose from. There is the .zip file version and the .tar.gz file both availed as a link for easy download. However, there is nothing more to separate the two versions upon installation. So, which features stands out when installation is complete? Read on.

    Below are the outstanding features included on the new version;

    Option to choose installation Language
    This feature allow webmasters to choose their favored installation Language other than English on the new panel labeled ‘Language Selection’. The ultimate objective for the new feature is to cater for diverse backgrounds of WordPress users. Through this feature, site owners can customize their sites to cater for local needs. Equally impressing, you can change the current language through settings tab.

    An improved content editor
    As opposed to earlier versions, compose/edit area mirrors a significant improvement. The editing tab is flexible and can be expanded or minimized to fit the content that’s being edited. This makes editing and creating new content far simple.

    Updated Media Section
    The new version has an expansive grid on which site owners can peruse and explore all their uploaded media. More so, site owners can edit the media with ease through the media section.

    Improved Plugin installation Process
    There is notable improvement in reference to plugin location and customization. With the improved feature, it’s far easier to locate a specific plugin from the more than 20,000 plugins present in WordPress plugin directory.

    Updated External Libraries
    There is marked improvement in TinyMCE 4.1.3, MediaElement 2.15, jQuery 1.11.1 libraries. Furthermore, the updates are incorporated in the original package.

    Increased Support for oEmbed
    This makes it possible for webmasters to preview embedded oEmbed URLs directly within visual editor. For instance, by pasting a given YouTube URL to a new line, the URL is embedded to a video. The ability to embed and preview content saves them valuable time.

    The recent updaes and latest WordPress features makes content writing, editing and management smoother and easier. If your site runs on WordPress, take cue and roll over to the newer version for a better experience.

  4. WordPress Theme Designers

    by Jason Freeman

    This is a well known fact that WordPress is the planet ‘s most famous content management system, but what makes WordPress development exceptional, is the usability and the singularity it includes. WordPress programmers possess the capability to produce exceptional sites by altering existing wordpress themesor creating new ones from scratch. There are a large number of free WordPress themes accessible and with third party plugins easily available, you might have countless choices. With this very reason a number of the greatest sites and blogs which you visit run to the WordPress platform.

    For your custom development, you can readily outsource this job to an offshore development center and concentrate on your own core business process. Here seasoned programmers customize sites or create completely unique sites for your organization. As you’ll be able enough to engage programmers based on your own precise demands, this really is also economical.

    Ideas to Design WordPress Themes

    Unless you’re an expert, among the greatest methods to go about WordPress would be to redesign an existing theme that is free. This can give a strong platform and also save valuable time. Combine your Javascript easily, as this makes your site seem classy.

    As some themes do not have this, many sites fail on this particular count. The viewer will be frustrated by this as they’re going to need to work with the back always, which can be irritating.
    Don’t overdesign. This makes the sites appear cluttered and not user friendly .

    In WordPress or every other web development, how big the webpage is a crucial concern to take into account. Visitors generally do not enjoy sites which take lots of time to load, although distinct components might make your site look great.

    If designers and programmers keep these easy tips in mind they are able to design unique themes, that will bring the visitors and keep them participated in the site.

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