A Review of WordPress Latest Features

by Jason Freeman

WordPress remains the most popular content management system supporting more than 60 million of the world’s leading websites. Its traction power lies in its versatility in content management, its user friendly features, and over all ease of customizing it.

With more organization shifting their sites to WordPress, the future looks bright. Even so, WordPress developers aren’t basking in past glory. Through strategic planning, developers have released a new version, WordPress 4.0 to cater for the needs of the ever growing WordPress users. Below are the latest WordPress features incorporated in this recent release.

For starters, there are two versions of WordPress 4.0 to choose from. There is the .zip file version and the .tar.gz file both availed as a link for easy download. However, there is nothing more to separate the two versions upon installation. So, which features stands out when installation is complete? Read on.

Below are the outstanding features included on the new version;

Option to choose installation Language
This feature allow webmasters to choose their favored installation Language other than English on the new panel labeled ‘Language Selection’. The ultimate objective for the new feature is to cater for diverse backgrounds of WordPress users. Through this feature, site owners can customize their sites to cater for local needs. Equally impressing, you can change the current language through settings tab.

An improved content editor
As opposed to earlier versions, compose/edit area mirrors a significant improvement. The editing tab is flexible and can be expanded or minimized to fit the content that’s being edited. This makes editing and creating new content far simple.

Updated Media Section
The new version has an expansive grid on which site owners can peruse and explore all their uploaded media. More so, site owners can edit the media with ease through the media section.

Improved Plugin installation Process
There is notable improvement in reference to plugin location and customization. With the improved feature, it’s far easier to locate a specific plugin from the more than 20,000 plugins present in WordPress plugin directory.

Updated External Libraries
There is marked improvement in TinyMCE 4.1.3, MediaElement 2.15, jQuery 1.11.1 libraries. Furthermore, the updates are incorporated in the original package.

Increased Support for oEmbed
This makes it possible for webmasters to preview embedded oEmbed URLs directly within visual editor. For instance, by pasting a given YouTube URL to a new line, the URL is embedded to a video. The ability to embed and preview content saves them valuable time.

The recent updaes and latest WordPress features makes content writing, editing and management smoother and easier. If your site runs on WordPress, take cue and roll over to the newer version for a better experience.

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